Vision and Mission:
We prepare and inspire our students to perform at the highest level in their art and in their lives. We encourage their creativity and give them courage. We teach them the skills that will lead to professional and personal fulfillment.


The SunDance Studio Elite Ensembles are focused on elevating and celebrating every aspect of the performing arts. By establishing itself as an important voice in movement and education to make all forms of performing arts a more visible and valued in our community. SunDance holds its staff, and students to the highest standards of performance- in the classroom, on the stage, and at every step in the creative journey, in order to create a unique and exceptional learning experience. Elite Ensemble dancers are prepared not only to excel in their artistic adventures, but to dedicate themselves fully in lives of engagement and purpose. Understanding that their contributions to the greater good are essential to the mission. Alumni are proud of their studio, playing an active role in its advancement, while acknowledging its impact through the course of their lives.
Toby Lyn Bertch Jackson established elite Ensemble in 2005 with the unwavering support of Steve And Kathy Clowes, with the goal to serve professional training for aspiring dancers in the community of Monument, Colorado and surrounding areas. Bertch, a gifted choreographer, and master teacher brought with her the spirit of training, growth in practices, encouraging dancers to flourish in their gifts. From the very start, the studio saw tremendous growth in students. SunDance expanded its offerings in several innovative ways by the start of two added ensembles, offering a track program for dancers as young as 7 years old. The Elite Ensemble outreach programs allow students to reach out beyond the studio's walls and connect with populations across the country. SunDance Studio Elite Ensembles success is visible both in the learning environment it provides, and in the impressive professional accomplishments of its graduates.