At SunDance Gymnastics, we want your child to have the best experience possible! This information is offered to help you and your child feel comfortable on their first day. Our coaching staff will monitor and document your child’s progress each class. This allows their coach to help them master the skills needed to advance to the next level in our program. Please feel free to contact her coach with any questions you may have. We strive to give children an enjoyable, excitable, challenging, and safe class experience.

kinder gymnastics                                                                                               

Our Kinder program provides a fun place for kids to explore gymnastic skills, play games, learn movement education, and develop self-confidence. We have Tumble Bugs classes for toddlers (18 mos.-3 years), and for pre-school children (3-6 years), a variety of classes from Kinder, to New Stars and Mini Stars, depending on age and ability. 

Recreational gymnastics          

Our Recreational program is for youth ages 5-18. In our gymnastics program, students increase strength, flexibility, create body awareness, improve coordination and balance and developing gymnastics skills in a fun learning environment. Our teachers keep the kids active, entertained and challenged. Gymnastic skills create an excellent base for fitness development (for any sport). Our goal is for kids to be excited about gymnastics and to develop a love for the sport. 

girls gymnastics events:

  • Bars

  • Floor

  • Beam

  • Vault

  • Trampoline and Tumble Track

What to wear:

  • Leotard

  • Elastic Shorts

  • Tee or tank top

Things to avoid:

  • Baggy clothing

  • Socks or shoes

  • No Buttons, Zippers, Jewelery (necklace, dangle ear rings)

  • Jeans