At SunDance Gymnastics, we want your child to have the best experience possible! This information is offered to help you and your child feel comfortable on their first day. Our coaching staff will monitor and document your child’s progress each class. This allows their coach to help them master the skills needed to advance to the next level in our program. Please feel free to contact their coach with any questions you may have. We strive to give children an enjoyable, excitable, challenging, and safe class experience.

benefits of tumbling:                                                                                                

  • get the tumbling needed for cheer tryouts
  • maintain your tumbling during your cheer season 
  • advance your tumbling needed for gymnastics      


Beginning Tumbling: 

  • learning handstands/cartwheels/round-offs
  • no tumbling experience required 

Level 1: 

  • learning back handsprings 
  • 1+ yrs of tumbling experience required 

Level 2: 

  • learning back tucks/round-off back handsprings 
  • 2+ yrs of tumbling experience required & must be able to do their back handspring without a spot 

Levels 3+: 

  • learning twisting 
  • 2+ yrs of tumbling experience required & must be able to do their round-off back handspring + back tuck without a spot 

What to wear:

  • Leotard
  • Elastic Shorts
  • Tee or tank top
  • Cheer shoes for tumbling are allowed

Things to avoid:

  • Baggy clothing
  • No Buttons, Zippers, Jewelery (necklace, dangle ear rings)
  • Jeans