Can I join mid-session? 
Yes, we prorate for the weeks that are left in the session, so you will not pay for weeks that already occurred in that session.

Can we skip a session? 
Yes, but we are not able to hold your spot for the session.  We are happy to add you to the waitlist for your desired class, in hopes that a spot is available when you wish to return.

Do we pay for the weeks SunDance is closed? 
No, the session dates have been adjusted to take into account the weeks that we are closed for holidays.

What is the registration fee? 
The registration fee is a yearly fee, charged in August, or when a student registers.  This fee covers from time of registration through July 31st.  All students, recreational and competitive, pay the yearly registration fee.

If I have students of similar ages, can they be in the same class? 
We do try to place students for the convenience of parents, however, our highest priority for class placement is the ability/skills of the student.

Do you offer make up classes? 
Yes, we offer a make up class on the last Saturday of every session from 12:00-1:00pm.  Students must sign up for the make up class to insure proper staffing.  If a student has an extended illness or injury we will try our best to accommodate the appropriate number of make up classes, however, due to class sizes, this might not always be possible.

Do I have to enroll my child in each session?
No, once your child is enrolled in a class, they automatically are enrolled in subsequent sessions.  You only need to notify us when you plan to drop the class.  Drop slips are due during the 7th week of the session for the following session.  Ie. If you plan to drop for session 4, you must submit a drop slip by week 7 of session 3.

Can I get a refund if I pay and then drop?
As a general rule, SunDance does not refund any payments with the exception of classes we cancel due to conflict, low enrollment, etc.  If you find it necessary to drop mid session, we will only be able to credit your account for the remaining weeks.  No refunds are processed after the session has started.

If weather is bad, how will I know if there is class?
All students will be notified by email if class is canceled due to weather.  A recording will also be posted on the studio voicemail.

Do I have to stay in the facility while my student is in class? 
If your student is older, or has attended SunDance for some time, it is fine to drop off and return.  We ask that students not be dropped off more than 10 minutes before class, and that they be picked up within 10 minutes of the class end time.  SunDance reserves the right to charge additional tuition for students who are dropped off/picked up beyond the 10 minutes.  We do know that sometimes circumstances prevent you from getting here for pick up, ie. traffic.  In this case, please call the studio so that we can alert your student.